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Play of the Day Chalk Talks feature Quick Game Hitch Variations

A pair of Play of the Day Chalk Talks from Tony DeMeo's Quick Game Virtual Playbook are now available in our public section. Volume 24 is a variation of the Hitch pattern and Volume 31, a variation of the Fade.  These high percentage pass concepts are shown against an even shell.  

Triple Gun Virtual Playbook Vol II  now available. Play of the Day Chalk Talks resume with Quick Game series 

The second volume of the Triple Gun Virtual Playbook is now available.  Produced by Option Central, and using the same approach and technology that was introduced in Volume 1, the Triple Gun Virtual Playbook Volume II includes video, chalk & talk as Coach Tony DeMeo focuses on one phase of his Triple Gun Offense: The Double Option. Double Options get the ball to the perimeter quickly, and are ideal when an offensive line is struggling inside. Approximately two hours long, Volume II includes eleven Triple Gun Double Options - including Speed Options, Stud Options, The Zone Read, The Counter Zone Read, The Gun Midline and the Counter Speed Option.   A number of formations are featured for their ability to "capture the flank".

We're back to the Digital Chalk Board in January, and will soon begin publishing the next phase of the Play of the Day Chalk Talks which focus on The Quick Game.  Stay tuned.

More from the FSU Bulldog Playbook - Complementary Plays for the Pistol Option, Power Read and Jet Zone Read

In this recently produced series of videos, Coach Rob Zeitman presents plays that complement the Pistol Option, Power Read and Jet Zone Read plays.  Chalkboard sessions and game video from the Bulldogs 2013 season illustrate the way the Bulldogs use the Jet Sweep, Quarterback Iso, Counter Option and Zone Read, along with Play Action passing to super-charge their offensive attack.  Run from a variety of Spread Gun formations, these 8 running plays along with a number of play action passing derivatives make great additions to any Spread Gun Offense.

Power Read, Jet Zone Read videos from Ferris State's explosive 2013 Offense

The Power Read and Jet Zone Read plays are an important part of many of today's most explosive Spread Offenses. In a new video series, Coach Rob Zeitman presents each of these plays in depth - on the "board", and in both practice and game video from the Bulldogs highly successful 2013 campaign.

Six additional Triple Gun Play of the Day Chalk Talks now available to Option Central Members

Play of the Day Chalk Talks 19 through 25 are now available in our Member Video Library.  All "double option" plays, each was chosen by Coach DeMeo for eventual inclusion on his second Triple Gun DVD, which is scheduled for release later this year. Produced by Option Central in collaboration with Coach DeMeo, the Play of the Day Chalk Talks collectively represent the most significant "original content" initiative of Option Central in its 15 year history.  

Double Option Chalk Talks illustrate the use of formations to create explosive Speed Option plays

Play of the Day Chalk Talks 17 and 18 are Speed Option plays. In Volume 17, the Speed Option is run away from an Unbalanced set, and in Volume 18, from a formation with one Slot widened to spread the Defense. Both include tips and insights into the use of formations to create numbers advantages for the Offense that result in big plays.

New Play of the Day Chalk Talk Volume 16 - Flip Zone Read Counter Double Option

Available now in our public section is a new Play of the Day Chalk Talk from Coach Tony DeMeo that uses "Flip" motion to create misdirection and results in a "Lead Zone" Read play. A Double Option play, the Flip Zone Read is run from a formation with one wide and one tight Slot.

*Play of the Day 15, available to Option Central members, is a Midline play run against a 5-3 Defense.

New Play of the Day Chalk Talk Volume 14 - Double Option with Counter Lead Motion and Playside Crack

In the second play from our new series of Double Option plays, we illustrate the use of Counter Motion against a 3-4 Defense that is playing their Defensive Ends in "4i" alignments.   Members can view this edition of our Play of the Day Chalk Talk series in the Triple Gun Offense section of our Video Resource Library.

Triple Gun 2014 Webinar series recordings now available in our Member Video Resource Library 

The 2014 Triple Gun Webinar series, sponsored in part by Option Central, offered an expanded slate of topics and a number of additional benefits to attendees. Now in its second year, the Triple Gun Webinar series, like the Offense with the same name, continues to grow in popularity (no surprise to those in attendence, we're sure). 

This year, a total of four sessions and seven (7) topics were available to Webinar attendees - a total of 8+ hours of instruction. As an added bonus, 2014 webinar attendees have access to recordings of the webinars they attended.   Option Central Members can now view the webinar recordings in our Video Resource Library.

The 2014 Triple Gun Webinar lineup included the following topics:

Webinar 1: The Gun Triple from Soup to Nuts
Webinar 2: The Triple Gun Play Action and Quick Games
Webinar 3: The Jet Sweep and the Empty Package
Webinar 4: The Screen Game and Attacking the 4-4 Defense with the Triple Gun

Coaches who are not members of Option Central can purchase individual webinar recordings, or the entire series at www.tonydemeo.com/training.

New Play of the Day Chalk Talk, Flexbone Article kick off Spring at Option Central

Two new resources are available to our Members and Guests, as we kick off Spring here are Option Central. We welcome back Guest Contributor Steve Gunther, long time Football Coach and now an Author of books and videos on coaching the Wishbone and Flexbone Offensive schemes. Coach Gunther's article, the Flexbone Triple appears as a free Article this month (see our Article Index), with a followup article appearing in our Member section for those who want to learn position-specific techniques for executing the Flexbone Triple against many of today's defensive schemes.

Also available now in our public section is a new Play of the Day Chalk Talk from Coach Tony DeMeo that features a Double Option play from an "End over" formation. See how the play attacks the perimeter with an Option while including a built-in read that keeps the ILB honest.

Triple Gun 2014 Webinar Series Review/Preview

The Triple Gun Webinar series for 2014 concludes on April 9th with two one-hour sessions. The first hour of the webinar will cover the complete Triple Gun Screen Game , and the second hour will be devoted to Attacking the 4-4 Defense.  Option Central worked with Coach DeMeo to create this preview video that can be viewed on our TouTube Channel.

Pistol Option Offense series rollout concludes with Volume 9 - Complementary Plays

Need a "change-up" play or two to round out your Pistol based Option attack? We've got a few candidates for you to consider this month at Option Central as we complete our rollout of the 9 part Pistol Option Offense video series from Rob Zeitman and his colleagues at Ferris State. In Volume 9, Complementary Plays, Coach Zeitman first reviews the play distribution from the Bulldogs 2012 season, and then presents the Pistol version of the Spin Trap, a play that looks a lot like the Trap Option popularized by Option Central contributor, Larry Beckish.  Additional plays in this video are the Jet and Fly (Navy Toss) Sweeps from the Pistol, the Wing Counter play, the Zone Read, the Jet Zone Read (Inverted Veer) and the Outside Veer - all run from the Pistol.

The package of six additional plays is delivered in shorter, cutup-style videos. Each play is illustrated and accompanied by game footage, voice-over explanations, commentary and coaching points from Coach Zeitman.   A fitting wrap-up to the outstanding 9-part series on the Bulldogs Pistol Option Offense - aka "The Showgun" from the FSU Head Coach Tony Annese.

New video Chalk Talks, Pistol Option Volume 8, and Tony DeMeo webinars slated to begin in February

Some great new material has arrived to kick off February at Option Central.  Two more Play of the Day Chalk Talks from Tony DeMeo, and the 8th video in the series from Ferris State - this one on Situational Offense are now available in our Member Resource Library. 

We are a sponsor of Coach DeMeo's Triple Gun webinar series again this year, which benefits our members and guests in a number of ways (a description of the first of these member benefits for 2014 has been posted to the Home page in our Members section

Coach DeMeo was a guest on the first Coaches Corner football podcast for 2014,  discussing the specifics of how he turned around struggling football teams, and the role of the Option in those turnarounds. The podcast also includes Coach DeMeo's perspective on the recently concluded College and NFL seasons.   

Mesh Point Option / Wings and Things Clinic slated for March 7th and 8th in Lancaster, PA  (New, earlier date)

The 2014 edition of the Mesh Point Option / Wings and Things Clinic is scheduled for March 7/8 at Thaddeus Stevens College in Lancaster, PA. The clinic offers two "tracks" to attendees and features an outstanding speaker list with both National and Local speakers (including Option Central contributors Rob Zeitman and Joe Sells), and complimentary (GREAT !) meals are included.  A $10 discount for pre-registration and group/staff discounts are available.  Full details are in the Clinic Brochure, or Contact Clinic Directors Anthony Sottasante (717-424-5840) or Dennis Iezzi (610-781-9787).

Ferris State's Rob Zeitman talks Pistol Option Offense on The Mest Point podcast

We're excited to kick off 2014 with two great educational resources from Coach Rob Zeitman of Ferris State University.  Fresh off an outstanding season, Coach Zeitman visits with Host John Anderson on our latest Mesh Point Edition of the Coaches Corner podcast to discuss a variety of topics related to the Pistol Option Offense that was at the heart of the FSU Bulldogs success this past season. 

Game Planning in the FSU Pistol Option Offense - video now available in our Member Video Library

We've also added the 7th video in the outstanding series from Coach Zeitman on the subject of Game Planning to our streaming video library for Option Central Members. The video provides a comprehensive look into the way the Bulldog staff prepares its team each week - covering such topics as practice structure, situational Offense and the thought process that goes into Game Planning. The video concludes with a look at how the Showgun Offense attacks the major Defensive schemes utilized in the game today, including the 4-2-5, 4-3, 3-4/5-2 and odd stack defenses like the 3-5-3.  Also included is a discussion of the use of an unbalanced set to attack a Goal Line Defense.

The video runs approximately 40 minutes and is as close to a "must-see" video for both Offensive and Defensive coaches as we've seen in a long time.  The Ferris State Bulldogs compete in the tough GLIAC Conference in the NCAA's Division II.

Play of the Day Chalk Talks with Coach Tony DeMeo resume at Option Central

We recently resumed our Play of the Day Chalk series with the release of five new plays starting in late November. Two of the Plays were sponsored by Coachs Office productivity software, and are now available in the public section of Option Central, and three new plays have been added to our Member Resource library - the latter from Coach DeMeo's Triple Gun Overview DVD that is scheduled for release in 2014. 

Like other Play of the Day Chalk Talks, all of the new Chalk Talks include game footage, a play illustration created with Coachs Office, telestration and narration to deliver a thorough explanation of the play.

Play of the Day Chalk Talk Volume 5 takes us through the Gun Triple Option Play from the Wing Over (Unbalanced) Formation. This particular play, run on the Goal Line has the QB walking into the End Zone untouched - largely due to the blocking angles and matchups created by the formation.

Play of the Day Chalk Talk Volume 4 - The Slot Flip Triple uses motion and misdirection to get the ball on the perimeter quickly. 

Option Central Members can view Volume 6 and 7, a Counter Option and Speed Option play respectively, along with  Volume 8 in the Series, a Play Action Pass off the Gun Triple.

Pistol Option Offense video series continues in October at Option Central

With the 2013 season well under way, we're rolling out the next three volumes in the outstanding video series from Coach Rob Zeitman and his fellow coaches at Ferris State University. 

Since we added the first three videos in the Bulldogs Short Pistol/Showgun series this past summer, they've quickly moved "up the charts" in popularity with Option Central members, while introducing the foundation of this high-powered Offense: its two core run plays (The Midline Veer and The Inside Veer) and its core Passing game.  The next three videos expand on that foundation, beginning with the Option Variations that can be used to adjust to and exploit what defenses do when attempting to defend the high powered, high scoring "Showgun", or Short Pistol.  The fifth video in the series, the No Huddle Offense in the Showgun, illustrates how easily the Offense can be run in a fast tempo, "hurry-up" attack that puts added pressure on the Defense. The new group of videos concludes in Volume 6 with an in-depth discussion of Offensive Line Playthat builds on the basics presented in the first few videos. 

As an added bonus for Option Central Members, we'll feature the video series in our Podcast and Article series later this year, with a guest appearance by Coach Zeitman from the Bulldogs Offensive Staff.  The Bulldogs compete in the tough GLIAC Conference in the NCAA's Division II and had an outstanding year this past season.  

We're excited to be able to continue to bring resources like these to Option Central Members who support our efforts while enabling us to invest in our growing library of unique articles, videos and other resources for coaches of teams that run the Option, "Option teams" (in the words of Larry Beckish...there is a difference), and lastly, those who need to defend it.

Play of the Day Chalk Talk #3 with Tony DeMeo

The third in our new Play of the Day Chalk Talks with Tony DeMeo presents the "core pass" from his Triple Gun Offense - The Hitch. A great example of the implementation of Coach DeMeo's "8 between the Slots" rule to keep Defenses out of 8 man fronts. Also illustrates the Bootleg as an adjustment when the Hitch is covered.

Coach Jerry Campbell returns on The Mesh Point

Option football coaches who follow Jerry Campbell can listen to him discuss his Option on Me and Pairing Option concepts on the 10th edition of The Mesh Point series of Option football coaching podcasts.  The Mesh Point is produced for Option Central by CompuSports Radio Host John Anderson.

Pistol Option Offense video series debuts in July at Option Central

We're excited about three great new videos from Coach Rob Zeitman, Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator at Ferris State.  Option Central members will recognize Coach Zeitman for having contributed The Muskegon Midline article a number of years ago while he was the Offensive Coordinator at Muskegon H.S., Muskegon, MI. 

Now in a similar role at Ferris State, Coach Zeitman's videos provide a comprehensive look at the various aspects of his Pistol Option Offense, beginning with The Inside Veer, The Midline Veer and the Passing Game that complements the run game.  !

The first three videos in the collection, The Inside Veer, The Midline Veer and The Passing Game from the Short Pistol Offense are available now - with additional videos slated this fall. 

The Inside Veer, the first in the series and a four-part video, is nearly an hour in length, and includes an Introduction to the Offense, a detailed discussion of the Quarterback position and QB responsibilities, Slot and Running Back responsibilities, and Drills for each of these positions. Other topics include Offensive Line Play, a Half-Line Inside Veer Drill, Blocking Scheme and Option "switch" adjustments. The video concludes with 19 minutes of cutups. 

The Midline Veer, the second in the series and a three-part video, is 38 minutes, and jumps right into Midline specific material. Part 1 includes an Introduction to the Midline Play, a discussion of the Quarterback position and QB responsibilities, Slot and Running Back responsibilities, and drills used to teach the Midline Veer from the "Short Pistol" formation used in Ferris State's "Showgun". Offensive Line Play, Blocking Schemes and Drills for the midline are include, and the video concludes with 11 minutes of cutups.  Available Now playing in the Option Central Member Video Library

The Passing Game in the Short Pistol is the third of the series and includes sections on the Bubble Screen and its derivative plays, the Quick Passing Game and the Play Action passing game.   

Defending the Spread with a Multiple 3-4 Defense - licensed from Championship Productions

We conclude our Defending the Option series with the third of three full length DVD style videos : Defending the Spread with a Multiple 3-4 Defense - by Steve Fex, Coppell (TX) HS Assistant Coach and member of 2001 University of Washington coaching staff (2001 Rose Bowl Champions).

In this nearly two hour video, Coach Fex discusses his approach to Defending the Spread's Zone Read Option run game, while providing a detailed explanation of his 3-4 Scheme.  Beginning with "Why the 3-4?", Fex covers all positions, how he sets the front and defends the run and the pass from typical 2x2 and 3x1 sets.  From specific techniques like his LB "Static Flow" concept, to changeup looks like his "Spartan package", Fex goes in depth on the chalkboard, shows his concepts in action by taking his players to the practice field, and utilitizes game footage to show plays in action. 

The 5 part series includes two hours of instruction , plus a bonus presentation-style review. 

Defending the Option from the 3-5-3 Defense - licensed from Championship Productions

We add to our Defending the Option series with the second of three full length DVD style videos : Defending the Option with the 3-5-3 Defense - by Bert Williams, Head Football Coach at The Georgia Military Academy.

Utilizing the 3-5-3 Defense, Georgia Military set a national junior college record in allowing an unbelievable 67.6 Total Yards of Offense per game. In this video, Head Coach Bert Williams shows you how to do that using one of the most popular Defenses in football today, the 3-5-3. Using consistent, simple rules, Williams illustrates the various fronts, stunts and blitzes that can be used to put defenders in a position to shut down multiple option looks. Defending the Option with the 3-5-3 Defense is also available on DVD from Championship Productions.

Defending the Option from the 4-4 Defense - licensed from Championship Productions

We continue our Defending the Option series with the first of three full length DVD style videos : Defending the Option with the 4-4 Defense - by Bryan Collins, Head Football Coach C.W. Post.

In Defending the Option with the 4-4 Defense, Coach Collins explains how he defends multiple option looks from different formations out of his 8 man front look.  The C.W. Post led the nation in 2002 in the categories of Rushing Defense and Total Defense, and followed that in 2003 with Top 5 rankings in Total Defense, Rushing Defense and Pass Efficiency Defense.  The video is also available on DVD from Championship Productions.

Note: Our series of professional grade, DVD-style videos on the topic of Defending the Option also includes Defending the Option from the 3-5-3 Defense and Defending the Spread with a Multiple 3-4 Defense.

Defending the Speed Option from the 3-3 Stack

We begin the rollout of one of our Summer '13 focus items - Defending the Option, with a second "animated Chalk Talk" from Joe Daniel of www.football-defense.com. Coach Daniel again uses Playmaker Pro to illustrate how to Defend the Speed Option from the 3-3-Stack, which is part of his Complete Guide to Defending the Spread Offense video series . Coach Daniel has also published the Coaching Football's 3-3-5 Defense eBook

New Mesh Point podcast with Coach Paul Markowski

The Mesh Point football coaching podcast returns with Coach Paul Markowski, Assistant Coach with the US Army Sprint Team talking about the Pistol Flex Triple Option.  Coach Markowski introduced his offense on a recent Coaches Corner show, and goes into greater detail in this member only edition of the Mesh Point.

Triple Gun Offense: The Run Game with Tony DeMeo

We're concluding our video cutup series on the Triple Gun Offense a few weeks earlier than expected. In Part 6, Coach DeMeo discusses Offensive Line blocking, concluding a 2 hour session on The Gun Triple - the heart of the Offense.  The 8 minute session includes illustrations of blocking adjustments against a number of today's common Defensive fronts.  

Mesh Point podcast, video series featuring Coach Tony DeMeo

In a special edition of The Mesh Point, Coach Tony DeMeo continues the discussion of his Triple Gun Offense that began in a recent Coaches Corner (Volume 72) show heard on our affiliate, The CompuSports Radio Network

Topics covered in the show include the Triple Gun Offense, the Gun Triple - a part of the Triple Gun Offense, the importance of timing between the backfield and line blocking, "smart splits", creating seams vs. cracks in a Defense, and complimentary plays. 

This edition of The Mesh Point is being made available to all members and guests of Option Central, and to the 1000+ of coaches who listen to Coaches Corner podcasts each month on the CompuSports Radio Network. Listen Now

A new video series from Coach DeMeo is now available as an additional benefit of an Option Central Membership...more info and preview

Coaching The I-Bone Option Attack Offense - a new book from Option Central Contributor Joey Lozano

Congratulations to Joey Lozano, an Option Central Guest Contributor, on the publication of his book Coaching The I Bone Option Attack Offense, by Coaches Choice.   Lozano's article "The I-Bone Multi-Option Offense" was published here at Option Central in 2008.

New Mesh Point podcast features Coach Mike DiMatteo

Our latest Mesh Point podcast (Vol 6: December 2012) features Coach Mike DiMatteo talking about integrating the Jet Sweep and Counter with the Option to put maximum pressure on the Defense. Option Central Members have access to all Mesh Point podcasts in the ever-expanding Members Resource section. 

Visitors and Guests of Option Central can hear Coach DiMatteo talk about various aspects of Triple Option Football on Coaches Corner Volume 70 - a free football coaching podcast that is available here, at www.compusportsradio.com, and on iTunes.  In this edition of Coaches Corner, Coach DiMatteo covers his philosophy and approach to play selection, scheme and coaching techniques for running the Triple Option from Under Center and in the Shotgun.

Option Central welcomes Coach Tony Demeo as Guest Contributor

In his 25 years as a Head Football Coach, Tony Demeo developed a reputation as both an expert and and innovator in Option Football. His Gun Triple Offense rolled up big yardage and lit up scoreboards around the country, and was an integral part in  Coach Demeo's ability to turn around football programs, which he did most recently at the University of Charleston.

Coach Demeo shares his thoughts on (30) Universal truths of Offensive Football with Option Central members...truths like " Attack Complexity With Simplicity & Simplicity With Complexity " and  "Use it or lose it. If you practice it use it. You’ll only get good at something if you use it in a game. "  .  Coach Demeo's web site is located at www.tonydemeo.com

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