About Option Central

Option Central was founded by Coach Mike Schuster in 1999, who, in his words "wanted to provide a better way to distribute information on the Option offense" that he was familiar with while coaching at North Catholic High School in Pittsburgh during the 90’s. For its first ten years, Option Central served as a clearinghouse for articles on various topics related to Option football. During that time, nearly 100 articles from Guest Writers were published in Option Central's article library, and made available to Option Central members.

In 2009, Shuster selected 20 of his favorite articles from that period, and a commemorative work entitled The Ten Years of Option Central was published in eBook format and is available in its entirety to Option Central Members. Since 2009, Option Central has continually expanded its resource library with hundreds of videos, podcasts and webinar recordings ...without increasing the cost of an Option Central Membership.

An Option Central Membership represents one of the great values in coaching resources - not just for Option coaches, but for all coaches.  We're sure your membership will pay for itself after reading just a few of the articles or watching a few videos. After that, you'll enjoy continued, unlimited access to our extensive resource collection for the duration of your membership.

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