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The Option Central video collection includes instructional videos, clinic-style presentations, and "Chalk Talk" recordings that are recorded and produced by Option Central. 

Members have unlimited, any time, anywhere, any device access to our entire video library, including our two largest collections - The Pistol Option Offense series produced by Coach Rob Zeitman while he was the Offensive Coordinator at Ferris State, and The Triple Gun series featuring Tony DeMeo.

The Triple Gun collection incorporates our entire Play of the Day Chalk Talk series - now totaling over 70 videos like Volume 67 - The Stud Option that is shown below. In this, the Triple Gun variation of what is often called a "load option", the handoff key is blocked and the play is run intentionally into the boundary to take advantage of the alignment of the Free Safety


In addition to the Play of the Day Chalk talk series, the Triple Gun Resource page includes over 16 hours of video recordings from Coach DeMeo's Triple Gun Webinars - organized by topic as "cutups" for easy and convenient viewing as well as two Triple Gun Quarterback drill videos - one that shows the actual teaching progression used by Coach DeMeo while conducting a Triple Gun 2 Day Camp for a first time Triple Gun team, and an Indoor Drills video. 

Indoor Drills is a 2 part series in which Coach Tony DeMeo conducts a two day instructional clinic in a Wisconsin Indoor facility for a High School Quarterback. Both Triple Gun Drill videos are packed with Techniques, Fundamentals and Coaching points that can be applied to virtually any offense.

Our video library also includes material that can benefit Defensive coaches who want to better understand what their Offensive opponent is thinking and trying to do against them.  A number of videos "tackle" this subject directly, such as the Defending the Option videos described below, while many of our Offensive videos do so indirectly (examples are Play of the Day Chalk Talks 49 through 59, the final hour of the 4th Triple Gun Webinar series on Attacking the 4-4 Defense, and Volumes 9 and 10 of the Ferris State Pistol Option Offense series on Game Planning and Situational Offense). 

Because Coaches DeMeo and Zeitman cover their respective option-oriented offenses in great depth, both explain their approach to Game Planning, Play Selection and attacking the major Defensive schemes utilized today.  Topics covered by these offensive coaches include how to use formations, motion and unbalanced sets to attack various Defenses, with each explaining how they attack a Goal Line Defense.

FSU Bulldog Football Offensive Game Planning

This Preview video for the Ferris State Pistol Option Offense is from the Inside Veer video, and illustrates the approach used by Offensive Coordinator Rob Zeitman to present information.  Video cutups of practice and game footage are used as teaching tools in this series of 15 videos. The Ferris State Pistol video collection includes the Inside Veer, The Midline Veer, The Passing Game in the Short Pistol, Power and Jet Read plays, and many more.

Preview Video from The Pistol Option Offense series from Rob Zeitman of Ferris State University

The Pistol Option Offense video series, including Option Variations, The No Huddle Offense and Offensive Line Play.

short pistol option offense no huddle video

A number of "clinic-style" "Defending the Option" videos are also available to our members, including Defending the Option from the 4-4 and similar 8 man fronts, Defending the Option from the 3-5-3, and Defending the Spread from the 3-4.  The videos feature C.W. Post's Bryan Collins, Georgia Military Academy's Bert Williams, and Coppell (TX) High School's Steve Fex respectively.

Preview Video from Defending the Spread from the 3-4 with Steve Fex - licensed from Championship Productions

Other clinic-style video cutups from Tony DeMeo introduce the Gun Triple along with the pass game in the Triple Gun, and  our Play of the Day Chalk Talks feature Coach DeMeo presenting a play from the Triple Gun using game footage, a play illustration created with Coach's Office, telestration and voice over - just like the one below.

You can also Purchase this video from Coach Demeo on DVD

Option Central includes a number of "classics", including Quarterback Drill videos like the one below that was produced by Coach Larry Beckish when he served on the staff of Lou Holtz at the University of Minnesota.

Other "classics" include the Option on Me video series and 3 other videos from Coach Jerry Campbell that cover the "under-center" Option game in great detail. A total of eight hours of instruction that complements Coach Campbell's written material.

This video trailer is from the video Installing the Midline Option.

The Option Central video library also includes bonus videos that are applicable to coaching the Quarterback and Running Back positions in any type of offense, as well as a collection of special team skill videos. 

A case in point is Running Back Drills and Fundamentals -a video packed with timeless drills and techniques for coaching the Running Back position in any Offensive attack. Courtesy of Coach Jeff Nixon, now Offensive Coordinator at Baylor and a former NFL Coach with the Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers, this video was produced while Jeff was at Shippensburg University, UT Chattanooga, and Temple University. Coach Nixon has used many of these same drills in the NFL, first with the Philadelphia Eagles and later with the Dolphins.

In this sample video taken from the first edition of Coach Nixon's Running Back Drills and Fundamentals video, Jeff introduces Agility and Ball Carrying drills with the help of John Kuhn, who was then a Shippensburg University Fullback . Kuhn played fullback in the NFL for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints.

Running Back Drills and Fundamentals Volume 1 - Introduction

In this second sample video completed while he was the Running Backs coach at Temple University, Coach Nixon covers the Stance, Ball Security and Faking.  In all, these videos include two hours of instruction at three different colleges, and include practice and game footage that illustrates the application of the techniques that Jeff teaches. 

You can also Purchase Coach Nixon's Videos on DVD at www.compusportsmedia.com

Running Back Drills and Fundamentals Volume 2 - Sample

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