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Play of the Day Chalk Talk Volume 83

The combination of the Stretch and Slice routes from a 3 x 1 formation creates a no-win situation for the playside LB in Volume 83 of the Play of the Day Chalk Talk series.

Trips Houston Stretch Slice combination route


Using Meaningful Stats Coaches Clinic

At the core of Coach Tony DeMeo's philosophy and strategy for winning football games is the concept of Meaningful Stats. In his latest CoachTube course, Coach DeMeo explains what he views as Meaningful (as opposed to "meaningless") Stats - what he considers the four most important stats in the game. Coach DeMeo then explains how The Triple Gun Offense was designed specifically to win the Meaningful Stats Game and how to incorporate the Meaningful Stats philosophy with any Offensive attack. We worked with Coach DeMeo to make this one hour course available for FREE at www.coachtube.com.  

Play of the Day Chalk Talk Volume 82 : Slot Shovel Pass

A Run/Pass Option that is an alternative to a Draw play while getting the ball in the Tailback's hands is the latest addition to our series of Play of the Day Chalk Talks that showcases the Triple Gun Offense's passing game.   Available now in the Option Central Members Video Library, along with the entire collection of Play of the Day Chalk Talks.  

Triple Gun Shovel Pass RPO

New Chalk Talk with special guest - Offensive Line Coach, John Strollo

"John Strollo is the smartest and best OL Coach in Football. That includes the NFL. He is WAY better than anyone from the top colleges in the country."
 Jim McNally

In our newest Chalk Talk - Volume TT9, Coach Tony DeMeo and highly regarded Offensive Line Coach, John Strollo, talk about the merits of the Two Point Stance before Coach Strollo takes us through 30 minutes of Offensive Line Technique Drills. The Chalk Talk concludes with Strollo showing game video as he explainins the "C Gap Zone" play and critiques the blocking.

The drills, along with many more, will be included in Coach Strollo's second CoachTube Course, due out later this year. His first course, CoachTube Course - Fundamentals of Acceleration in Football is available now. Option Central Members interested in the course should Contact Us and inquire about the special Member discount.

Triple Gun Half Reverse vs 4-4 Defense

Another new mini Chalk Talk from the Attacking the 4-4 Defense series is a Half Reverse vs a 4-4. The Half Reverse is a key Supplemental Run in the Triple Gun Offense, and what Coach DeMeo referse to as an "answer play", because it counters a pursuing overhang player in a 4-4 Defense.  This new video is included in Coach DeMeo's new CoachTube Course - Attacking the 4-4 Defense with the Triple Gun Offense and is available for viewing by Option Central Members in the Member Video Library.

Stretching a Defense with a Double Tight Pro Set to run the Gun Triple

The latest video from our Attacking Defenses series is a mini Chalk Talk in which a 2 TE set creates an open gap in an 8 man front and results in a big play. This new video, like the 4 before it, was made for Coach DeMeo's new CoachTube Course that is scheduled for release later this year.  It is available now for viewing by Option Central Members in the Member Video Library.

Gun Triple from Pro 2 TE vs 4-4

Applying the "do this unless" thought process to attack a 3 Shell with the Hitch/Seam combo

The third new video from our Attacking Defenses series is a 4 minute Chalk Talk that illustrates reading the outside backer while applying the "Hitch unless" thought process. The new video will be part of the fourth CoachTube Course from Tony DeMeo later this year.  Available now for viewing by Option Central Members in the Member Video Library.

Attacking the 4-4 Defense with the Triple Gun Offense

Coach Tony DeMeo kicks off his latest project - a series that focuses on attacking Defenses that will ultimately lead to his fourth CoachTube Course. Returning to the digital chalkboard for the first time in 2020, these two videos highlight the Gun Triple, because, as Coach DeMeo states.."it all starts with the Gun Triple".  Produced specifically for the new course, and in a style similar to Option Central's collection of Play of the Day Chalk Talks,  these videos complement our more in-depth, Chalk Talks that feature a "deeper dive" into the video and a chalkboard-style illustration as Coach DeMeo explains individual position assignments, blocking schemes and more.

In the first play, the Keep is the correct read..in the second, its the Pitch.

* In an additional play in the series the Give is the correct read. The third video is available now in our Member Video Library.

New Triple Gun Course now available at CoachTube.com  

Option Central Contributor Tony DeMeo has published his second course on CoachTube.com. The Hitch: An Offense in itself, focuses on one of the "core parts" of The Triple Gun Offense. The Triple Gun Hitch, Fade, Seam and Boot passes along with the Hitch game are, without question, a powerful combination. That being said, The Triple Gun Hitch game can be a great addition to, and easy to incorporate into ANY OFFENSE !

The Hitch: An Offense in itself includes 3 plays that were first presented in Option Central's Play of the Day Chalk Talk format, and included in Volume III of Coach DeMeo's Triple Gun Virtual Playbook. Also included are five new plays produced in a similar fashion along with a "chalkboard" presentation - all produced specifically for this course, and a video from Coach DeMeo's Triple Gun Quarterback Drills DVD that shows him teaching The Hitch to High School Quarterbacks.

Check out this preview that explains the course content in detail and contains sample video from the course: .

Click here to learn more about and sign up for the course..

Play of the Day Chalk Talk Volume 81 : The Hitch - a Triple Gun mini-clinic

The Hitch Mini-clinic includes a look at 5 variations of the "core pass" in the Triple Gun Offense to illustrate the concept of "strategic flexibility"  that is at the heart of the Triple Gun Philosophy. Available now in the Option Central Members Video Library, along with our entire 80+ strong collection of Play of the Day Chalk Talks.  

Triple Gun Hitch - an Offense in itself : A mini-clinic

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