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Option Central has sponsored option-themed football coaching podcasts since January 2010.  Our newest podcast - Chalk Talk, is hosted by Coach Tony DeMeo, a frequent contributor to Option Central in recent years. 

In the third edition of our Chalk Talk podcast, Host Tony DeMeo talks with Frank Lenti, Head Football Coach at Mt. Carmel H.S. in Illinois. Coach Lenti, the winningest coach in Illinois HS football history, talks about his philosphy and the Split Back Veer offense that he has run over over 3 decades.

In the second edition of our Chalk Talk podcast, Host Tony DeMeo talks with Steve Weber, Head Football Coach at Bedford North Lawrence (IN) HS about the evolution of his Offense - from the Wing T, to the Flexbone, to the Spread and finally to the Triple Gun. Other topics include the critical role that off-season strength and conditioning plays in his approach to turning around and building a successful High School football program..

In Volume 1, the series debuted with Coach Philip Haywood of Belfry, KY as the Guest. Coach Haywood, the winningest coach in Kentucky history, discusses the origins and evolution of his Offensive philosophy that is based on Option football and dissects his base formation - the Spread T.

Learn more about Coach Haywood by visiting his Guest Contributor page

Earlier podcasts include Coaches Corner, which featured a number of guests speaking on topics related to Option Football until the The Mesh Point option football podcast arrived in January 2012. A total of 12 Mesh Point podcasts  were produced, including The Mesh Point series finale with Coach Steve Gunther discussing his years on the staff of legendary Emory Bellard at Spring-Westfield High School in Houston, Texas along with the three books that he has recently published on Option Football, including "How to Coach the Wishbone Football Offense, According to Emory Bellard", "How to Coach the Flexbone Football Offense", and "How to Practice Option Offensive Football".

Other publicly available Mesh Point shows include Volume 11, featuring Guest Rob Zeitman of Ferris State University talking about the Pistol Option Offense and the breakout year the FSU Bulldogs enjoyed in 2013, Volume 7 featuring Coach Tony DeMeo  talking about his Triple Gun Offense, and Volume 8 featuring an original Option Central guest writer - Joey Lozano, who published a book on the I Bone Option Offensive Attack.  Learn about the I Bone book and listen to the Podcast

We would be remiss if we didnt mention a number of other past contributors to Option Central who have appeared on Mesh Point or Coaches Corner podcasts in the past.. 

Early in 2011, Coach James Vint appeared on Coaches Corner Volume 43 talking about the Spread and Pistol run game. Coach Vint followed this up in our very first Mesh Point (Volume 1) show that aired in early 2012 - a show that focused solely on the Pistol run game. 

Coach Jerry Campbell, like Coach Vint, has appeared on Coaches Corner and Mesh Point podcasts, the latter early in 2012. In the Mesh Point Volume 3, Coach Campbell discussed pairing the Midline, Veer and Load Options - topics that complement his video series with the same name that is available to our members in its entirety for online viewing.

Other Guests who have appeared on Coaches Corner shows to discuss Option topics in the past include John Iannucci, John Bland, Shane Laws, Larry Beckish and Scott Cramer.   These and other Coaches Corner shows are available by visiting the CompuSports Radio web site at http://www.compusportsradio.com and in iTunes.

The Coaches Corner show below features Mike DiMatteo in the first of a two part show that we recorded in December 2012. Coach DiMatteo appeared on Coaches Corner Volume 70 and shortly thereafter a Mesh Point podcast that featured a discussion of the Jet Sweep and Counter plays as complements to the option.  In this show, Coach DiMatteo discusses various aspects of Triple Option Football in the first show.  Available to all Option Central members and visitors, Part 1 features Coach DiMatteo on his philosophy and approach to play selection, scheme and coaching techniques for running the Triple Option Under Center and from the ShotGun. Option Central Members have access to the second part on The Mesh Point, Volume 6 in the Members Resource Section where Coach DiMatteo discusses integrating the Jet Sweep and Counter with the Option to put maximum pressure on the Defense.

Option Central was also a sponsor of two shows with an Option theme in the Moving the Chains series that was produced during 2011 by Coach Big B of the Red Zone Show. The first of these two shows featured Coach Denny Dierick talking about the Outside Veer, and in the series finale, Coach Paul Golla discussed the Flexbone.

Moving the Chains

Paul Golla talks Flexbone with Coach Big B on Moving the Chains

Moving the Chains

Coach Denny Dierick Talks Outside Veer with
Coach Big B on Moving the Chains


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