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Guest Contributor Profile - Mike DiMatteo

In recent years, many former Option Central members and contributors have contacted us to renew their association with the Option Central web site. While we've added to, tweaked and redesigned a large portion of the site, we preserved what was here already, and had been built over many years through a "team effort".

Recently, we heard from Coach Mike DiMatteo, who served as Managing Editor of Option Central for a period of time during what we've referred to as The 10 Years of Option Central. Coach DiMatteo also contributed to the Option Central Article Library, including an article title Formulating Formations while he was Head Coach at Hinsdale Central, Hinsdale, MI and The Lake Zurich Outside Veer while he was Head Coach at Lake Zurich H.S., Lake Zurich, IL.

With permission from Coaches Choice, we prepared this preview video from Coach DiMatteo's new series to introduce his new Triple Option Quarterback Play from the Shotgun Formation video to our current Members and Visitors. 

Listen to Coach DiMatteo on The Coach's Corner Football Coaching Podcast

Visit Coaches Choice to learn more about Coach DiMatteo's videos

The Mesh Point Podcast - simulcast on Option Central and CompuSports Radio

We're bringing another resource for Defensive Coaches to Option Central, and are making available to both paying Members and Option Central visitors through a simulcast with CompuSports Radio.

Our guest on The Mesh Point edition of Coaches Corner is Mike Pope, Assistant Coach at Wingate University who discusses defending the option play with a multiple defensive scheme. Listen here, or visit www.compusportsradio.com, where you can listen to the show and view and print a handout from Coach Popethat you can add to your coaching library.

Two great new resources

A new type of resource for Defensive coaches is an "animated Chalk Talk" in the form of a video that has been Licensed to Option Central for the benefit of its members by a premiere Defensive Football Coaching web site - www.football-defense.com . The video, produced and narrated by Joe Daniel uses Playmaker Pro to illustrate and explain how to Defend the Zone Read play from a 4-2-5 scheme, an excerpt from his Complete Guide to Defending the Spread Offense . 

Also recently added to our Resource Section is a drill for teaching Option Mechanics to Quarterbacks that was a favorite of long-time contributor Larry Beckish.  If you're running the Option, you are either running this drill already, or you should be.

Coaches Jerry Gordon, Steve Gshwender join contributors to Option Central

Jerry Gordon of Purcellville, VA. shares his approach to defending the Spread Option when facing an outstanding athlete at Quarterback.

On The Mesh Point podcast, Steve Gshwender of Louisiana, MO talks about how his team transitioned from an I Formation based Option attack to a Flexbone based attack, with an emphasis on line blocking and adjustments.

Coach Jerry Campbell returns with an article on the Diamond Hybrid Pistol Wing T

Jerry Campbell returns to discuss the Diamond Formation and how it can be incorporated in a Hybrid Pistol / Wing-T Offense to put more pressure on a Defense.  The article is a compilation of material from his book on the same subject, and includes a discussion about adding the diamond to the fast-tempo, no huddle style of attack that was popularized in 2011 by the explosive offenses of West Virginia and Oklahoma State.

Option Central Welcomes Coach Steve Gunther as a Guest Writer

Welcome to Steve Gunther as a Guest Writer at Option Central. Steve was a football coach from 1968-2011, a total of 43 years, and a longtime head football coach in Iowa. He also had coaching stints at Colorado State University, and Independence Community College, Independence, Kansas. Coach Gunther shares a Defensive Front Identification System developed by Coach Emory Bellard, an excerpt from his book, How to Coach the Wishbone Football Offense, According to Emory Bellard. Gunther was an assistant for Emory Bellard at Spring-Westfield High School, Houston, Texas from 1990-1994 - Coach Bellard's last 4 years of coaching.

Now playing on The Mesh Point -  Option Central's podcast series dedicated to Option Football

Coach Mike Pope visits with Host John Anderson on The Mesh Point to talk about Installing the Never Be Wrong Option Attack . This is a No Huddle Option Attack that features paired plays to take advantage of the weaknesses in a Defense.

Option Central adds new Video titles from Jerry Campbell

We're excited to announce that Option Central has again expanded its video collection with the addition of three full length videos from Coach Jerry Campbell, completing the "set" that includes Option on Me.

The new titles - installing the Midline Option, Installing the Inside Veer and Installing the Load, Lead and Speed Option, like Option on Me, start with a Chalkboard session which is followed by On Field Installation, Practice and Game Footage. 

The Option Central Video Resource library includes this 4 video set of materials from Coach Campbell in all membership plans - at no additional cost to Option Central members ($120 value).

Option Central adds podcast series dedicated to Option Football

We're pleased to announce the "The Mesh Point", a special edition of the Coaches Corner podcast produced specifically for Option Central.  The Mesh Point is Hosted by John Anderson, host and producer of Coaches Corner on the CompuSports Radio Network (www.compusportsradio.com) . In the first edition, John interviews Coach James Vint on the subject of running the Spread Option from the Pistol formation. Also included is a slide presentation that complements the podcast.

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