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Welcome to 20+ Years of Option Central !

We marked our 20 Year Anniversary in the Fall of 2019 with our third site redesign since 1999.  Our approach was to avoid "fixing what wasn't broken" while updating the site's appearance, making it easier to navigate, and supporting an expansion of the Member Resource Library with Videos and Podcasts

Our new design preserves the Article library that was the "heart and soul" of the site that was created by founder, Mike Schuster during the first 10 Years of Option Central . The Article Library continues to include the original work of Coach Schuster and the many Guest Writers who have contributed articles on various option-related topics over the 20+ years of our existence.

With the addition of the Video and Podcast libraries in 2009,  we revamped our Guest Contributor program, launched a content licensing program, and began to underwrite and create our own Audio and Video content.  The Option Central Chalk Talk series of videos and podcasts - the largest collection of multimedia content, was produced in collaboration with Tony DeMeo, a widely-followed authority on Option football and the creator of The Triple Gun Offense . Play of the Day Chalk Talks are based on Coach DeMeo's Play of the Day video series, adding Coach DeMeo's voice-over and telestration. To date, over 85 Play of the Day Chalk Talks have been produced, along with 10 "podcast-style" video Chalk Talks in which Coach DeMeo interviews other coaches.   Coach DeMeo continues to publish his Play of the Day series to this day, including some that we publish as YouTube shorts on the Option Central YouTube Channel.

Many of Coach DeMeo's Chalk Talks are included in his Triple Gun Virtual Playbook DVDs, streaming videos and CoachTube "courses" like  An Introduction to the Triple Gun Offense , The Hitch: An Offense in Itself , Attacking-the-4-4-Defense-with-the-Triple-Gun-Offense" and Triple Gun Passing .

There's never been a better time to become part of our option football community as a contributor, supporter or Member of Option Central. 

We invite you to consider supporting our efforts and joining the Team !

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