A Message from Option Central

Welcome to 20 Years of Option Central !

We've come a long way since our founding in 1999 as a web site to organize information for a High School (North Catholic H.S. in Pittsburgh, PA) football team by one of its young, tech-savvy assistant coaches at the time,  Mike Schuster.  During the first 10 Years of Option Central the site grew quickly with the help of football coaches from around the world, including many who became"Guest Contributors" of articles on various option-related topics.

By 2009, Option Central had reached a crossroads, and with its future in question found a partner in CompuSports - a publisher and distributor of football coaching software founded in 1984 that was best known for its Easy-Scout football scouting program.  Shortly thereafter, the Option Central Resource Library was expanded with Videos and Podcasts , including our Chalk Talk series that we produce in collaboration with Tony DeMeo, a widely-followed authority on Option football and the creator of The Triple Gun Offense.

To date, over 70 Play of the Day Chalk Talks are available in our Members Resource Library.   Each Chalk Talk is based on Coach DeMeo's popular Play of the Day, adding voice-over, telestration and narration to game video and a play illustration.  The plays are then grouped into collections like Coach DeMeo's Triple Gun Virtual Playbook DVD's and  CoachTube "course" entitled Introduction to the Triple Gun Offense

While we continue to add new Chalk Talks and videos, an Option Central Membership is available for as little as $19.95 - the same as it was 10 years ago.  There's never been a better time to become part of our option football community as a contributor, and as a Member of Option Central.  We invite you to join the Team !

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