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Triple Gun Virtual Playbook Volume 5 Now Available - Play Action Passing from an Option Offense

A collaborative effort between Option Central and Coach Tony DeMeo, the new Triple Gun Play Action DVD is packed with information on passing the football from an Option Offense.  

Play diagrams and game video for 16 plays off the Gun Triple and Jet Sweep (including the seven Chalk Talks we've been rolling out to our Members this summer..see below) are accompanied by narration and telestration as Coach DeMeo takes you through each play, the QB reads and progressions, the protection scheme and blitz pickups, as well as the patterns and route conversions that adjust after the snap based on the Defense.  

Each play includes actual game video with voiceover and telestration ..a format that continues to win rave reviews from coaches at all levels. And, while many coaches use the Virtual Playbook DVD as a teaching tool while installing the Triple Gun for their team, this DVD in particular offers something to every coach, Offense or Defense, and regardless of scheme.

Coach DeMeo's Triple Gun Virtual Playbook DVD series now includes 5 volumes, including The Triple Gun Overview, The Triple Gun Double Options, The Triple Gun Quick Game , and The Triple Gun Jet Sweep series. 

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Play of the Day Chalk Talk 49 - Boot off Triple Option Play Action

Coach DeMeo takes us through a play that showcases a benefit of the Triple Gun Offense - the ability to run a boot off Triple Option action due to the depth of the Triple Gun tailback and the slow developing nature of the play.

The Triple Gun boot from Trips, available now in our Chalk Talk format in the Members Video Library is on Coach DeMeo's soon to be released Virtual Playbook Volume 5 DVD.

New article on Spread Gun Inside Zone,  Play of the Day Chalk Talks 47 and 48 now available

A new article from new Guest Contributor, Coach David Weitz of Warren Central H.S. (IN) plus two new Play Action pass plays from Tony DeMeo's Triple Gun Virtual Playbook Volume V are now available. 

In Inside Zone with Multiple RPO' s, Coach Weitz explains how his team uses the Inside Zone and Run Pass Options together to get the ball into "space" - specifically to the Offensive player with the most space to make a big play.   And, in our  latest Chalk Talk videos, Coach DeMeo takes us through the Post Out and Post Wheel routes in his usual, chalk, talk and game footage breakdown style. 

All of these great resources are now available to Option Central Members.

Two variations of the Triple Gun Stretch Pass featured in Play of the Day Chalk Talks 45 and 46

We're well on our way to completing Volume 5 in Tony DeMeo's Triple Gun Virtual Playbook series that focuses on the Play Action pass. 

In Chalk Talks 45 and 46, Coach DeMeo presents the Triple Gun Stretch Pass -what he calls "the most productive pass that he has ever used" because it can be used in so many different ways and "puts the Defense in a tremendous bind". The play is shown from a Double Slot, with and without motion. Chalk Talks 45 and 46 are available now in the Members Video Library.

Play of the Day Chalk Talks resume with Triple Gun Play Action Series

We're back to the Digital Chalkboard as we begin rolling out the next series of Play of the Day Chalk Talks based on The Triple Gun Play Action Passing Game.

The first play in the new series - Play of the Day # 43 , is now available to our members (for quickest access, check out the new Triple Gun Member Resource page).  Like all plays in this new series, Chalk Talk #43 focuses on play action off the Gun Triple Option play. The pattern, Crossers, creates a 3-level read, back side,  off the Gun Triple.

Produced by Option Central in collaboration with Coach Tony DeMeo, a total of seven new Chalk Talks along with a new Volume in Coach DeMeo's Triple Gun Virtual Playbook series - Volume V : Play Action Passing, will be coming your way this summer.

New, updated videos from the Ferris State Pistol Option Offense now available

Five new "Game Cuts" videos and updated versions of The Passing Game and The Ferris State No Huddle Offense are now available in our Members Video Library.

Game Cut videos show the Zone Read, Power Read, Jet Zone Read, Counter Option/Iso series and Quarterback Runs against different formations, with different "reads". Updates to the 3rd (Passing game) and 5th (No Huddle) videos from the Ferris collection included footage from the 2014 season.

Option Central Members have access to the entire Pistol Option Offense collection of videos, produced by the Ferris Staff during its recent 4 year turnaround run that landed them at the top of the GLIAC Conference and established the Bulldogs in the upper echelon of Division II.

Chalk Talk podcast series continues

New for 2016, the Chalk Talk podcast series is the latest production of Option Central. Featuring Host Tony DeMeo, Chalk Talk podcasts feature interviews with some of the best coaching minds in the business - with a focus on Option football. on the Triple Gun.

In the third edition of our Chalk Talk podcast, Host Tony DeMeo talked with Frank Lenti, Head Football Coach at Mt. Carmel H.S. in Illinois. Coach Lenti, the winningest coach in Illinois HS football history, talks about his philosphy and the Split Back Veer offense that he has run over over 3 decades.

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In Volume 2 the guest was Steve Weber, Head Football Coach at Bedford North Lawrence (IN) HS about the evolution of his Offense - from the Wing T, to the Flexbone, to the Spread and finally to the Triple Gun. Other topics include the critical role that off-season strength and conditioning plays in his approach to turning around and building a successful High School football program.

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Two new Chalk Talk videos.  Chalk Talk podcast series debuts

In the Tony Talk edition of Chalk Talk, Coach Tony DeMeo interviews some of the best coaching minds in football. In the first Tony Talk for 2016,  Coach Joe Daniel discussed the 3-4 Defense along with a wide range of topics related to one of the hot schemes in the game today. From the basic run game fits and philosophy of the 3-4, to selecting personnel for each position, Coach Daniel laid the foundation for the 3-4, explored the similarities between the 4-3, 4-2-5 and 3-4, and discussed Man and Zone Coverage principles. Adjustments, 4 and 5 man pressures, and Defending the Zone Read, Jet Options, and the Zone Read Bubble RPO (Run/Pass option) were additional topics discussed in this one hour video.

Most recently, offensive innovator Manny Matsakis - the creator of the Triple Shoot Offense and Coach DeMeo talked about the Jet Sweep, the Triple Shoot Offense that Matsakis created, and a new wrinkle in the Triple Shoot - what Matsakis refers to as "The Accelerator Technique

February also marked the debut of the Chalk Talk Podcast series, with a special guest - a legendary High School Football Coach, Philip Haywood - Kentucky's winningest football coach. In Volume 1 of the brand new Chalk Talk podcast series, Coach Haywood of Belfry, KY visited with Coach DeMeo to discuss the origins and evolution of his Offensive philosophy that is based on Option football.

Haywood and DeMeo explored the Belfry Spread T formation - the core of the Belfry Flexbone attack, while sharing a number of program building topics and insights. Coach Haywood, whose teams have won five state championships and finished as the state runner-up six other times recently published a book entitled Faith, Family and Football..

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Triple Gun Virtual Playbook Volume IV - The Jet Sweep, is  now available

The fourth volume of the Triple Gun Virtual Playbook is now available.  The new DVD focuses on the combination of the Jet Sweep and the Gun Triple, and was a collaborative effort between Coach Tony DeMeo and Option Central. Using the same approach and technology that was introduced in Volumes 1-3, The Triple Gun Virtual Playbook Volume IV includes video, chalk & talk as Coach Tony DeMeo presents a series of plays that "marries" the Jet Sweep with the Gun Triple. 

This DVD includes 11 plays - including a reverse, play action pass and naked boot. A clinic-style introduction explains Coach DeMeo's rationale for combining the Jet Sweep and Gun Triple, including the influence of Tubby Raymond's play sequencing philosophy on the Triple Gun.

Get it now by visiting Coach DeMeo's web site

Mesh Point Option / Wings and Things Clinic slated for March 4th and 5th in Columbia, PA  (New, earlier date)

The 2016 edition of the Mesh Point Option / Wings and Things Clinic is scheduled for March 4/5 at Columbia HS in Columbia, PA. The clinic offers two "tracks" to attendees and features an outstanding speaker list. Complimentary (GREAT !) meals are included.  A $10 discount for pre-registration and group/staff discounts are available.  Full details are in the Clinic Brochure, or Contact Clinic Directors Anthony Sottasante (717-424-5840) or Dennis Iezzi (610-781-9787).

....Click for Clinic Brochurre

Jet Sweep video series

Our latest series of videos focuses on the Jet Sweep - a play that complements many of today's option attacks.  Using our Play of the Day Chalk Talk format, Coach DeMeo presents the Jet Sweep, an Option play off the Jet Sweep, a Naked Boot and a Play Action Pass. 

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