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Option Central Chalk Talk videos combine a video presentation and a play "drawing" presentation with narration and telestration. Our Play of the Day Chalk Talk series features Tony DeMeo chalking and talking through 70+ plays.

Option Central Chalk Talks have been assembled into the Triple Gun Virtual Playbook series of DVD's. The collection currrently includes a total of 7 DVDs, including the Triple Gun Overview, The Triple Gun Double Options, The Triple Gun Quick Game and most recently, The Triple Gun Jet Sweep series, The Triple Gun Play Action Pass Game, The Gun Triple and Gadgets and Gizmos - Triple Gun Complementary plays. Play of the Day Chalk Talks are available to Option Central Members in our Resource Library. We've included a sampling below....

In Volume 63 - the Quarterback Iso - the Triple Gun Offense's variation of the "QB Follow" play, is presented. In addition to giving the QB a better cutback option, the Triple Gun QB Iso a;sp gives the QB a better angle to read the Tailback's block than the play that originated with Paul Johnson's Flexbone Offense. Coach DeMeo illustrates and explains the play using game footage against a 4-4 Defense run by a perennial powerhouse in Division II.

In Volume 50 - the first in a series that focuses on the Gun Triple Option Play - the core play in the Triple Gun Offense, we take a look at the play against a 4-3 Defense from the base Double Sot formation.  Other videos in the serious illustrate the play against various fronts and a variety of formations and motion.

Included in The Quick Game collection, Volume 24 is a variation of the Hitch pattern and Volume 31, a variation of the Fade. Both are high percentage passes that complement the Triple Gun running attack with high percentage pass concepts - shown here as answers to Cover 2/Cover 4 even shell.

Learn more about Coach DeMeo by visiting his Guest Contributor page.

Volume 16 in our Play of the Day Chalk Talks is a Zone Read Counter Option that uses "Flip" Motion to create misdirection.

Play of the Day Chalk Talk, Volume 13 is a Double Option from an End Over formation. This is the first in a series of Play of the Day Chalk Talks that focuses on Double Option plays.

Play of the Day Volume 5 takes us through the Gun Triple Option Play from the Wing Over (Unbalanced) Formation. This particular play, run on the Goal Line has the QB walking into the End Zone untouched - largely due to the blocking angles and matchups created by the formation. Like other Play of the Day Chalk Talks, Volume 5 includes wide and tight camera angle game footage and a play illustration using Coachs Office with narration and telestration throughout to deliver a thorough explanation of the play.

* Members have access to additional Play of the Day videos on the Counter Option, Speed Option, Play Action off of the Gun Triple, Quarterback Iso, Quick Stick and Gun Triple. 


Play of the Day Chalk Talk Volume 4 featured the Slot Flip Triple from the Triple Gun Offense. This play uses motion and misdirection to get the ball on the perimeter quickly. 


Play of the Day Chalk Talk Volume 3 presented the core pass from the Triple Gun Offense - The Hitch. A great example of the implementation of "8 between the Slots" rule to keep Defenses out of 8 man fronts, this Chalk Talk also illustrates the Bootleg as an adjustment when the Hitch is covered.


The Quarterback Draw from Empty is a great play on the Goal Line


The first Play of the Day Chalk Talk is a Play Action Pass off the Jet Sweep. A favorite of Coach DeMeo, this play illustrates a number of "core concepts" from The Triple Gun Offense, but can be run from any Offensive scheme. 


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