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Option Central Chalk Talk videos combine a video presentation and a play "drawing" presentation with narration and telestration to deliver a new type of educational resource to Option football coaches.   Launched in the Summer of 2013,  the Play of the Day Chalk Talk series now exceeds 60 plays.  

One of our most popular recent Chalk Talks from the Triple Gun Virtual Playbook DVD series is Volume 44 - the Post Wheel route. Watch Coach DeMeo Chalk and Talk his way through one of the 16 plays off the Gun Triple and Jet Sweep from The Triple Gun Virtual Playbook Volume 5: Play Action passing.


All 16 plays on Volume 5 of the Virtual Playbook DVD, like the one above, are accompanied by narration and telestration as Coach DeMeo takes you through each play, the QB reads and progressions, the protection scheme and blitz pickups, as well as the patterns and route conversions that adjust after the snap based on the Defense.

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The Chalk Talk concept was expanded in Feb 2015 to include appearances from other coaches. This Tony Talk edition of Chalk Talk featured Coach DeMeo interviewing some of the best coaching minds in Option Football and beyond.  One recent guest was Manny Matsakis, an offensive innovator and the creator of the Triple Shoot Offense. Matsakis and Host Tony DeMeo talked about the Jet Sweep, the Triple Shoot Offense that Matsakis created, and a new wrinkle in the Triple Shoot - what Matsakis refers to as "The Accelerator Technique".

Learn more about Coach Matsakis by visiting his Guest Contributor page

In another Tony Talk,  Coach Joe Daniel was our guest, as he discussed the 3-4 Defense along with a wide range of topics, including:

The 3-4 Umbrella principle
Selecting personnel for each position in the 3-4
Similarities between the 4-3, 4-2-5 and 3-4
Man and Zone Coverage principles
Adjustments to 2 TE, 3x1 and Empty formations
4 and 5 man pressure
Defending the Zone Read, Jet Options, and the Zone Read Bubble RPO (Run/Pass option)

Learn more about Coach Daniel by visiting his Guest Contributor page

The first Chalk Talk in the series featured John Iannucci talking about the Flexbone Option and related Quick and Play Action passes, along with his Rocket Sweep play.  Check out the preview below..

Learn more about Coach Iannucci by visiting his Guest Contributor page

Learn more about Coach DeMeo by visiting his Guest Contributor page.

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