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The Guest Contributor program - its History

Since its inception in 1999, Option Central has been a "team effort" between the Option Central staff and many football coaches who contributed articles for  inclusion in the Option Central Article Library and later participated in podcasts and Chalk Talks. As one of the first subscription-based football coaching web sites,  Option Central has always charged a small fee to access the materials in its members section. 

Initially referred to as Guest Writers, coaches who submitted articles received a complimentary membership to Option Central.  At times, as we have learned, Option Central paid a stipend to a small number of coaches who submitted lengthy articles, installation guides and other resources. The norm, however, was to offer a complimentary membership to Guest Contributors - a practice that was continued when the site changed owners in 2010.

Multimedia resources expand to include video, audio and online books

Early in 2010, with a change in ownership and management came a decision : What was the best way to continue to offer new types of material to Option Central members that was both "in touch" with the evolution in technology that had occurred during those first "ten years" and consistent with what we believe has always made Option Central unique and different from most if not all other membership sites?  More specifically, the Option Central Guest Writer program needed to evolve and expand if we were going to realize our goal of offering new types of resources such as full length online "eBooks" and multimedia resources to the resource mix that technology now makes both possible and practical.

The Guest Writer program became the Guest Contributor program, as participation in Option Central - produced podcasts and video Chalk Talks (a video presentation that incorporate chalkboard illustrations, video, voice over and telestration) were included as "contributions" eligible for a complimentary membership.

Interested in learning more about being a Guest Contributor by appearing on a Chalk Talk?
Contact Us and we'll give you the details about how we handle all the messy stuff - recording, editing and publishing the videos.

Our Guest Contributor Index  was launched in 2012 as we received new material from Guest Contributors.   The group of contributors for whom we've created new profile pages includes Mike DiMatteo, Tony DeMeo, Joey Lozano, Paul Markowski , Rob Zeitman , Steve Gunther , John Iannucci, Frank Lenti, Joe Daniel, and a number of others.  Be sure to visit both the index page and individual pages to learn more about the coaches behind the recent additions to our information and multimedia resources here at Option Central. 

The Option Central Licensing program

We launched the Option Central licensing program in 2010, paving the way for the addition of full length online books, and a number of videos that had only been available on VHS tapes and DVDs.  This enabled us to expand our video library significantly while providing our members with a new benefit - a way to view a variety of videos in a budget-friendly way.  Part and parcel of this initiative was the implementation of a professional-grade, streaming video player that uses a "CDN" (Content Delivery Network). The new player provides an excellent viewing experience for Option Central members, while at the same time ensures protection for our licensing partners against piracy and unauthorized viewing.  

The Option Central Podcasts

Our Option-themed podcasts began with The Mesh Point - a spinoff of the  Coaches Corner football coaching podcast that aired on the CompuSports Radio Network for over five years. Coaches Corner Host John Anderson produced the series of "Mesh Point" podcasts exclusively for Option Central .  Recent podcasts were produced under the Chalk Talk label, and are hosted by Tony DeMeo.

For those who would like to contribute or license materials to Option Central, we encourage you to Contact Us. We're continually expanding and improving the Guest Contributor and Licensing programs to make them a win-win-win proposition.  We now accept materials in many forms, provide assistance to Guest Contributors by preparing "raw" material for publication, and introduce our Guest Contributors and Licensing Partners to the Option Central community of Members and Guests. 

Contact Us with your questions about the Guest Contributor program   

Basic Guidelines for submitting articles and other materials to Option Central

  • We accept a wide range of articles on topics related to Option Football - covering Offense or Defense.  We also accept videos, playbooks or excerpts from them, and other resources for developing skills, teaching techniques, etc. 
  • Material works best when targeted at a particular level - Youth, High School or College.
  • Articles are easiest to work with when submitted as a computer file, although we have the ability to scan and convert printed materials when necessary.  Articles and illustrations can be sent as Word or PowerPoint documents, PDF files,  Playmaker Pro document files (.fbd) and even as Coach's Office Chalkboard or Playbook files.  
  • Illustrations can be included in the body of the article, or sent as a JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP or other form of computer file. We can also accept images that are faxed or scanned and emailed to us if they are hand drawn 
  • Videos can be on VHS tape, DVD, CD or online. We have the equipment and software to convert any type of video format to that which is required by our streaming video server, and we can edit and annotate the video to make it more convenient for our members to view.
  • Chalk Talk appearances can take many forms - from solo presentations, to Guest appearances on a hosted Chalk Talk.
  • When contacting us or submitting materials, please include Author information - i.e. where you coach or have coached, how long you've been coaching, your title, record, awards etc... and your idea for submitting material.
  • If you submit an article and we elect to publish your material on Option Central, you will receive a free membership

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