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Guest Contributors - the heart and soul of Option Central in the Spotlight

Since its founding in 1999, Option Central has had one mission - publishing and organizing option-specific educational materials and resources online.  During its first ten years, Option Central's collection of resources consisted primarily of articles, PowerPoint presentations and other "static" forms of educational material. 

Early in 2010, with a change in ownership and management, Option Central added online eBooks and multimedia resources (video and later audio) to the resource mix, and while we've added to, tweaked and redesigned a large portion of the site, we preserved the articles and resource collection that had been built over many years through a "team effort" between Guest Writers (now we refer to them as Guest Contributors) and Option Central.

A recent initiative has been to reconnect with coaches who had contributed articles to Option Central during its first 10 years.  Many have returned as Guest Contributors, including Mike DiMatteo , Rob Zeitman, Jerry Campbell and John Iannucci.

Click the links below each picture below to view the Guest Contributor pages for Coaches DiMatteo, Joey Lozano, Tony DeMeo, Rob Zeitman, Jerry Campbell, Steve Gunther, John Iannucci, Joe Daniel, Manny Matsakis and Philip Haywood. All have been recent Guest Contributors to Option Central.

Our Guest Contributor and Licensing programs are a win-win for football coaches who want to work with us for the benefit of our Members and visitors.   Be sure to check back periodically as we add information about more coaches who have contributed to Option Central.

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