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Coach Steve Gunther

      Steve Gunther, Retired Football Coach and Author

Steve Gunther is a retired teacher and coach living in Dubuque, Iowa. Steve is the Author of a number of books, including  "How to Coach the Wishbone Football Offense, According to Emory Bellard" ,  "How to Coach the Flexbone Football Offense" and  "How to Coach the Flexbone Football Offense" 

Coach Gunther was a football assistant for Emory Bellard at Spring-Westfield High School, Houston, Texas from 1990-1994, which were Coach Bellard's last 4 years of coaching. Steve's football coaching career spanned six decades, from 1968-2011, a total of 43 years. He was a longtime Head Football Coach in Iowa and had coaching stints at Colorado State University, and Independence Community College, Independence, Kansas.

Steve Gunther holds an Associate of Arts in Education degree from Trinidad State Junior College, Trinidad, Colorado, a Bachelor of Education degree from Wayne State, Wayne, Nebraska and a Masters of Education degree from Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri.

Coach Gunther has contributed a number of articles to Option Central, including  The Flexbone Triple Option , available in our public section. His first contribution to Option Central, A Defensive Front Identification System for Option Football and his most recent, Triple and Double Options vs Odd Stack Defenses, are available in our Member section. Coach Gunther appeared on The Mesh Point, our Option Football podcast and in our Tony Talk series of Chalk Talks that are hosted by Tony DeMeo  Click play below to listen to the Mesh Point podcast, or download it from iTunes to listen any time and anywhere its convenient.

To purchase Steve Gunther's new book, How to Coach the Flexbone Football Offense, or one of his previous books, including How to Coach the Wishbone Football Offense, according to Emory Bellard, visit the Gunther Publishing website at http://optionfootball-publishing.net where you will also find How to Practice Option Offensive Football and other resources.

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