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Joey Lozano

      Joey Lozano, Austin Texas.  Co-Author : The I-Bone Option Attack Offense 

His continued efforts to get the I-Bone Option Attack Offense published date back to 2001. By writing articles for coaching magazines and websites like Option Central, the goal was finally achieved when, in late 2012, Coaches Choice agreed to publish the book.

As a defensive coordinator, I would hate to have to face the I-bone offense. This offense creates a lot of problems for a defense because of the multiple option plays that can be run without ever changing the base formation. The complementary plays that can be run off the triple option play-action also can really weaken a defense’s confidence in its reads. When I become a head coach, I will definitely be running the I-bone offense with my team.

Charles Bunch Defensive Coordinator Oliver Wendell Holmes High School (TX)

It was a great start to the new year here at Option Central when we learned that Joey Lozano, a Guest Contributor in 2008 when he submitted the article "The I-Bone Multi-Option Offense" just had his book published by Coaches Choice.   We were pleased to also learn that he had been contacted by an Option Central member, who told Lozano that he first saw his article in our Member resource section, and had enjoyed great success after installing the Offense for his Youth team in Texas.

There's a great story behind Coaching The I-Bone Option Attack Offense - an offense which enables a team to run three of football’s most popular triple-option based attacks from a single formation. The I-Bone, which is a cross between the Wishbone and Power-I formations, was invented by Co-Author Dr. James R. Smith in the mid-1970's. Smith, formerly a veterinary allergist from San Antonio, Texas was a walk-on quarterback hopeful at Texas A & M University under the late Emory Bellard.  Bellard invented the Wishbone offense while serving as offensive coordinator for the University of Texas Longhorns under the late coaching legend Darrell Royal.

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Smith and Lozano met while both were living in San Antonio in the 1980s. After learning of Smith’s invention of the I-Bone, Lozano helped Smith develop his brainchild into a manual, with the goal of having the I-Bone published in book form. Although Smith died in December of 2001, Lozano continued his efforts to get the I-Bone published by writing articles for coaching magazines and websites like Option Central. Finally, in late 2012, Coaches Choice agreed to publish the book.

Joey Lozano I Bone Option Offense for Football

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Our Guest Contributor program is one of the ways in which we are able to bring unique material to our Members and visitors.   Guest Contributor information pages like this one are available to those contributors who, like Joey Lozano, have published books or videos that are available for purchase.  Congratulations, Joey, and from all of us here at Option Central, best of success with your new book !

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