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Coach Rich Hargitt

      Surface to Air System
Coach Rich Hargitt / Co-Founder of The Surface to Air System

Our newest Licensing Partner is The Surface to Air System, co-founded by High School Football Coach Rich Hargitt.  

Coach Hargitt is an accomplished writer and sought after clinic speaker on the Air Raid Offense and RPO based Offenses, particularly for the High School level. He has developed an approach to apply Spread and RPO concepts in a way that enables a High School Quarterback to take advantage of defenses using Matchup, Leverage, Open Grass, Box Number and other advantages.

Our licensing arrangement with The Surface to Air System enables our members to view a number of videos from the 2018 and 2019 National RPO Clinics, many of which feature Coach Hargitt presenting these and other concepts.  Additional clinic videos cover Offense and Defensive topics that focus on the Run / Pass Option . 

Listen to The S2A Podcast on The CompuSports Radio Network

Option Central Members and Guests can learn more by visiting the Surface to Air System web site.

Visit The Surface to Air System web site

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