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Welcome to Option Central !

Now in its 17th Year, Option Central offers an extensive collection of information and resources for coaches of Option Football  - and those who have to defend it. 

The  Option Central Article Library includes articles provided by Guest Contributors that range from classics from (the first) Ten Years of Option Central to new articles submitted in recent years. The Option Central Resource Library includes option-focused videos, podcasts, online books and eBooks, along with coaching forms and other coaching aids that are suitable for use in any offensive system. 

Option Central Members have unlimited access to option offense videos from coaches like Larry Beckish, Jerry Campbell, Tony DeMeo and Rob Zeitman , and our interactive Chalk Talk videos. Also available to our Members are Defending the Option articles, chalk talks and full length, DVD-Style videos that explain how to defend the option from today's most popular defensive schemes, including the 4-4, 3-4, and 3-5. 

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BASIC MEMBERSHIP - An Option Central Membership provides unlimited access to our entire collection of articles and resources at a cost of less than $4.00 per month (if billed annually). Memberships are available in monthly, 6 month and yearly subscriptions, along with our most popular 90-Day membership. 

TECHNOLOGY "PLUS" MEMBERSHIP An Option Central Technology Plus membership combines an Option Central membership with the use of football coaching software for the duration of the membership.

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Ten Years of Option Central

Special Limited Edition eBook captures the best of the first 10 Years of Option Central

Option Central was founded by Coach Mike Schuster in 1999 - in his words "to provide a better way to distribute information on the Option offense he was familiar with while coaching at North Catholic High School in Pittsburgh during the 90’s"                                                                                                 more ....

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